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10 Temples with their Mysterious Origins

India has been praised by some of the great people who have lived on the Earth. The evidence of Indian civilization can be traced back to thousands of years.
The age-old religion of Hinduism has rewarded to its devotees some of the best temples since ancient times. The Kings who ruled each dynasty took pride in building the best temple to boast of. We have many temples in India that are more than 2000 years old and all of them are unique in their own ways.

1. The Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi Temple, Andhra Pradesh

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We come across miracles every second, be it some person doing wonders or some technology that makes life easy with just a swipe. But, India has something which leaves a different impression. In Indian each monument has some story to startle the visitor, each sculpture has some miracle which beholds the tourist. So here is one more to the list to bring “awe” to the readers.

There is a temple in Andhra Pradesh named “Lepakshi Temple” which is an epitome of efficiency and dexterous work. But something peculiar which catch sight of the visitors is there is a “Hanging pillar” a pillar which has no base to rest, enough space for some thin sheet to pass through it. Out of all the pillars in that temple, this masterpiece is the only one which hangs in the air showcasing the brilliant work to the world.

2. The Visa Granting God, Chilkur

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Are you looking for your visa to get verified?

So this Balaji temple in chilkur, Hyderabad is famous for getting your visa verified. The tale goes like this that people who face rejection in visa office pay visit to this place. And 108 parikrama does their work and as matter of fact, people say prayers are heard, and visiting this place is a green flag to abroad stay.

3. The Ageless Flame of Jwala Ji, Kangra

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The holy shrine known as “Jwala Ji temple” situated in the lap of Himalayas, is an incredible place for devotees, but the thing which is different about it is, there is a flame burning in the centre of the temple and that flame has never died, it has been burning from last 100 years , people have many beliefs over this, but the reason behind this immortal burning is, because it is on surface which has supply of natural gases, gases like methane which has never let the flame to extinguish and so has the name kept “The immortal flame of Jwala Ji”.

4. Aeroplane Gurudwara, Jalandhar

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The “Hawaijahaj Gurudwara”… Am I joking? The answer is no, so this shrine located in Jalandhar of Baba Nihal Singh is actually known as “Aeroplane Gurudwara”

Bizarre isn’t it, but it’s the truth. So the story goes like this that anyone who wishes to go to abroad and files an application for visas would come here to this temple, and bring Aeroplanes in the offering and devotees whole heartedly believe in it and they say their prayers have been heard.

So this place strange tradition has helped it to make a place in mysterious temples of India.

5. The Bullet God, Rajasthan

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In-between Pali to Jodhpur, there is a place called “Om Banna Sthan”. The unbelievable part of the story is, there was a young man who was riding the bike and met with an accident. Unfortunately, he died on the spot, so after his death, the police took the bike in their custody. But the first day something unusual happened, the bike unchained itself and went back to the place where the accident took place. The police thought somebody was playing a prank, and the second day it chained the bike more tightly, and again in the morning, the bike went back to the same spot where the accident took place.

So after all these bizarre things happening the police placed it back to the place where the accident took place, and a memorial is made at that place, and each day thousands of visitors stop to bow down to the essential being of bike baba. And it’s believed that he has a protective hand over all the travelers passing by that area.

6. The Hide and Seek Temple

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The ancient temple of Lord Shiv, Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is located amidst the Arabian Sea and Bay of Cambay. It gets more interesting because of location because in high tides the temple is totally drowned in the water. And when there is low tide the temple starts appearing inch by inch. The ideal timing of the trip is that when you come here with a full day, where you can enjoy the natural location, the real essence and feel the purity in the air. The temple is the epitome of natural beauty and the sanctity of the temple.

7. Karni Mata Rat Temple, Deshnok

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Did I really mention the word rat? Yes

So there is this shrine made in the honor of goddesses Karni, devotees who come here not only worship the deity but also long tailed rodents. Rats are found to be everywhere in this temple, there scurrying around feet seems to be no problem to the tourist. Instead finding a white rat is considered to be very auspicious. The rats are considered to be very holy because the goddesses had mentioned that once the human dies it is reincarnated as a rat and then again reincarnated as a human being. The count of rats doesn’t stop in hundreds, but there are around 20, 000 rats which are taken care of, protected and feed properly.

8. Purging the Demons, Mahendipur Balaji Temple

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So this temple “Mahendipur Balaji Temple” is mysterious in its own way, devotees come here in order to illustrate themselves of the ghost. People come with some very weird kind of offerings, in order to get rid out of the evil, they try their extremes to hurt themselves, pouring boiling water on their own body or chaining them to walls, banging heads and beating the shit out of their body. All these are ways they think they could offer the lord so that the devil in them goes out, and it’s the only temple in India where priest do carry out rituals which would lustrate the evil out of them. Another belief that devotees here have is that once you are out of this temple, never turn your back. As it’s said that evil spirits may think it as an invitation and may come back.

9. Kal Bhairavnath Temple, Varanasi

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The shrine of Lord Kal Bhairav Nath is situated in the holy city of Varanasi. Lord Kal Bhairav Nath is said to be the reincarnation of Lord Shiv. And the strange thing in this temple is, nothing except alcohol is offered here and the Prasad which is given is also alcohol. So in case whenever a thirst for alcohol is sensed, you now know the right place to visit.

10. The Chinese Kali Mata

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What would that be?

There is a temple of Kali Mata in Tangra, Kolkata. Just like others, there is one more, but what makes this temple different is, it is built by Chinese people who stay there. So what would have happened that made the Chinese worshipped Kali Mata? All this started earlier when this place had some black stones and the Indians who used to live there used to worship those stones. Some Chinese people also stay there, among them was one couple who had a son who got terribly ill. And no medication was healing him, no signs of getting cured were seen. So someone told the Chinese couple to pay a visit to that place.

The couple went there prayed to Kali Mata for days and night. When their prayers were heard the boy got cured and since then the place and all the Chinese who resides there has blind faith in Kali Mata. So after this, that temple has been coined with the name “Chinese Kali Mata”. Not only this, and their way of expressing love is also different they offering to the deity includes the Chinese cuisine. So next whenever you feel like having Chinese cuisine in Prasad, a visit to this temple would make your day…

Have we missed out our list of Mysterious Temples in India ? Share it with us in the comments below!

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