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8 Places in India you must go to with your Best Friends

India a country full of beautiful travel destinations, especially if we look beyond the popular commercialized spots. And what’s better than to explore these beautiful landscapes and chilling spots with your best friend! When you are with someone who is not a member of your family yet you do not bother chattering non-stop. Or saying “your turn” when it comes to the time of bill payment in one of the most expensive restaurants of the city, it means you are with your best pal.

It is your best friend only with whom you plan to explore the scariest places or the most perilous zone of the earth because you consider each other as complementary. To roam with this special buddy of your life, who will jump into the car without a thought to create history! No journey is long with good company and even better when you have the best company!

Here is a compilation of some cool places around the country you can head to :

1. Savandurga, Karnataka – for friends who are in love with adventure!

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Savandurga is a hill station that is situated 60 km west of Bangalore. It is considered to be one the largest monoliths in Asia. This place is great for a backpacking trip with your best friends to make the most of the forests, caves, water sports and climbing activities present here. It boasts of some top class serious slab climbing routes in the world ranging from 700 to 950 feet of technical climbs with very innovative names such as ‘Simple Monkey day’ or ‘Cloud 9’.

2. Lonavala, Maharashtra – for a spooky playtime until dawn!

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One of the most gorgeous hill stations in Maharashtra, Lonavala boasts of its scenic beauty and alluring charm! Located at an elevation of 2,047ft, it is not just an ideal tourist spot, but also a paradise for the adventure junkies and others alike.

While here, along with its picturesque beauty and pristine nature, you will also be offered with an array of things to do in Lonavala. From camping to waterfall rappelling, luxury stay to caving, trekking to rock climbing, this beautiful hill station near Mumbai and Pune has everything in its couch.

It has the reputation of being haunted! This place calls for a night stay not just to enjoy the spooky feel and ambiance of the place but also because it is one of the most beautiful sunrise spots in the district.

3. Auli, Uttarakhand – for friends who show signs of snow madness!


This place in the Himalayas is a lesser known ski destination than Shimla, Manali or Gulmarg. The lofty slopes surrounded by oak forests provide enough thrill to a professional skier as well as a novice. Camping is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy Auli with your buddies in the midst of snow over a bonfire and some beer. Auli is purely an adventure spot for trekking and skiing enthusiasts.

4. Gangtok, Sikkim – when you have crazy friends, you can have crazy times!

What’s great about Gangtok? Everything! From duty-free goods to duty-free alcohol, the capital of Sikkim is one of the best places to chill with a crazy bunch of friends! This place has something to offer to everyone – adventure enthusiasts who can go trekking nearby, shopping enthusiasts, nature lovers and even people who have come to simply chill and have fun. With numerous cafes, pubs, clubs, and casinos, this may very well be a mini Las Vegas in India.

5. Hampi, Karnataka – go with your culturally inclined friends!

A must visit for all who are fascinated by ruins and an equally captivating history. This small village with historical temples all around provides a much needed serene and scenic getaway from the noise and pollution of the city. Words would not do justice to this beautiful place, which topped the charts for the ‘Most Searched Place in 2014 in Karnataka’.

6. Chail, Himachal Pradesh – a hikers paradise!

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Situated near Shimla, Chail was the summer retreat for the Maharaja of Patiala during the British Raj. The Chail Palace is well known for its architecture and is tucked inside the deodar forests surrounding the area. Camping and trekking trips to Chail serve as a lovely weekend getaway spot from Delhi! A hike to the world’s highest cricket ground is a tempting reward for all cricket fans!

7. Chittorgarh, Rajasthan – for friends who go a long long way in history!

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It is one of the most beautiful and underrated places in Rajasthan that falls on the way to Udaipur from Ajmer. The place boasts of an enchanting history and a complete view of the city below. It has one of the few historical towers in India that is still open to the public and one must take this rare opportunity simply for Victory Tower’s beauty. The architectural design is very different from the inside, almost like a maze and the view from the top is simply breathtaking! To make things more interesting, this place also manufactures saris from the plants of bananas, custard apples, and other such plants!

8. Goa, Maharashtra – for friends who love beaches and water sports

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Goa rests on the western coast of India on the beautiful coast of the Arabian Sea. Whoever said that Goa was just about sun and sand, or just relaxing by the beach with a beer in hand, was surely unaware of the vast range of activities available here.

The insight that you will get into the lives of the locals when you are here is simply astounding! Their food, culture, habits, pass times and distraction are truly stunning, to say the least.  This upbeat and exuberant destination has no dearth of things to offer up! You can indulge in water sports, practice yoga at the beaches of Anjuna, visit the butterfly conservatory or spend a leisurely time at the Siolim Cooking Classes.

Travelling is a beautiful experience and you learn many things along the way. You will see new places, realize new things and will also strengthen your friendships. You will start feeling lot more independent and will come back a changed person. So don’t just plan, go for it. You will never have so much time again!

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