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Benami Kheer, A unique dessert of India

‘Benami Kheer’ is an amazingly delicious sweet dish prepared with a very unusual ingredient which is certainly not ‘sweet’.

The Benami Kheer certainly cannot be beaten and tops the race of unknown foods of India. This dessert was originated from the land of Himachal Pradesh. As the name suggests, ‘Benami’ means unknown in Hindi, Benami Kheer doesn’t explain anything about itself unless one taste this unique dessert. I was surprised to find how intelligent the person would be to name it like this. And that has made it so famous, even after having a bizarre kind of key ingredient for dessert that I could find only after tasting it. Had it been simply named after its key ingredient, i.e. Garlic, the name would have been Garlic Kheer. And Come on, I am not that experimental with my tongue to choose a garlic kheer for my desert from options on the menu card.

Thanking my curiosity, I am so glad to have tasted ‘Benami Kheer’. It’s a delicious treat of rich preparation of khova (Concentrated milk solids), full-fat milk, cardamom, semolina, saffron, pistachio, and Garlic. Peeled garlic flakes are boiled in water to remove the strong aroma and flavor and added to boiling milk. All other ingredients of the kheer are added then to the milk and brought to cook. Finally, Garnished with pistachios, the desert when served chilled is a testimony to an old Indian saying ‘Naam me kya rakha he boss? Kaam Dekho! The experience with Benami Kheer will leave you with a yummy feeling to last in your memory forever.

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