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Best Fafda Jalebi in Ahmedabad

Long queues in front of Farsan shops across Gujarat, on Dussehra, is a common thing to see. People would readily stand for hours and hours in serpentine queues to get their share of Jalebi Fafda on this day. It’s considered very auspicious to eat Jalebi Fafda on this day. During this single day, the demand for Jalebi Fafda reaches to a magnum scale, nearly 40% of the entire Jalebi Fafda business of Farsan Shops are done on a single day of Dussehra. You must have already seen how Jethalal from “Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma” reacts to after seeing Jalebi Fafda. Well on Dussehra all gujjus can be compared with Jethalal on this day.

For outsiders, this might be a weird combination, as Jalebi is sweet and juicy while Fafda is a salty and crispy snack. But when these two tastes combine, believe me, there’s nothing better than this. Fafda is served with deep-fried chillies. Here is the detailed list of the locations to eat the best Fafda Jalebi in Ahmedabad.

1. ChandraVillas Restaurant

ChandraVillas Restaurant jalebi fafda is one the best fafda jalebi in Ahmedabad

Address: Near Ratan Pole, Gandhi Road, Kalupur, Ahmedabad

ChandraVillas has been part of the food heritage of Ahmedabad since this century and still continues on that tradition. This place is nearly 118 years old and is one of the most famous farsan houses in Ahmedabad. It’s located in one of the busiest streets of the walled city, and the Fafda Jalebi they serve here is simply mouthwatering. You can visit this place between 8 am in the morning to 8 pm in the night.

You can contact them at 079 22174647.

2. Oshwal Restaurant

Oshwal Restaurant is one the best fafda jalebi in Ahmedabad

Address: 14 Ashram Road, Opposite Gujarat VidhyapithAhmedabad

Every true Amdavadi knows this place and would have visited or want to visit this place in future. It’s a very age-old shop and has maintained its quality and standard over the time. It’s very famous for their hot and delicious Jalebi. Everything is made here in pure ghee. Its papaya chutney is notably delicious. During Dussehra, it’s a mad rush over there. The price here in Oshwal, is a bit on the higher side, but believe me, you’ll delight every bite of it. There are not much payment options here, except cash. You can visit this place between 7 am to 11 pm.

You can contact them at 079 27544531.

3. Saurashtra Chawana & Sweets


Address: 13 & 14, Akshadhara Complex 1, Opposite Sachin Tower, Shyamal Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad

If you either live in Satellite or Prahalad Nagar you surely must have visited Saurashtra Chawana & Sweets. This place is considered to be best in Ahmedabad that serves Authentic Saurashtra style fafda and mouthwatering Jalebi fried in desi ghee. Furthermore, this is the only other place in Ahmedabad other than Oshwal that serves the desi ghee jalebi regularly, not only on special occasions. During any special occasions, this place is flocked with a lot of people, trying to get their hands on their favourite delicacies. So be prepared to see long serpentine queues and mad rush over there. Other than Fafda Jalebi, you can get here a huge variety of appetizing sweets and farsans. Hot Sellers include vadhvani marcha, ganthiya, papdi, chawana and mawa sweets. You can visit this place between 7 am to 10:30 pm.

You can contact them on 079 26766942 and on their Facebook Page.

4. Iskon Gathiya

Iskon Gathiya is one the best fafda jalebi in Ahmedabad

Address: Opposite Karnavati Club, S G Highway, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Iskon Gathiya has multiple outlets across Ahmedabad. It specializes in creating Farsan delicacies. It remains open from 4 am morning to 10 pm night. This is the best place for people who’re looking for traditional Gujarati Food and you’ll get everything here at a very reasonable rate. The specialities of this place the best of Gujarati cuisine like ganthiya, fafada, jalebi, papdi, various kinds of Dhoklas, and khandvi. The green chutney served here is said to be unique and mouthwatering. A special Rajwadi cha, which is both thick and tasty will make your day. It’s overall a nice place to hang out with friends and especially for the late night munching. Mostly it’s a very crowded place, but the wait is worth it. It’s definitely a must go place for every Gujarati nashta lovers.

You can contact them on +91 9974803838.

5. Rasranjan

Rasranjan is one the best fafda jalebi in Ahmedabad

Address: Rasranjan House, Vijay Cross Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Rasranjan is extremely famous for its Jalebi. Here, Jalebis are made in ghee and sells for Rs 50 per plate. Rasranjan is not only a great place for sweets but they also got great chat options on their menu. This is the best place where you can get a hygienic street food experience. It’s a very clean and hygienic complex. The Rasranjan is also very famous for its Pani Puri. They serve two types of it, one is regular and the other is sooji puri.

You can contact them on 079 27912444.

6. Mehta Chawana and Sweet Center

Mehta Chawana and Sweet Center is one the best fafda jalebi in Ahmedabad

Address: Shelat Bhuvan, Pushpakunj, Rambaug Road, Mani Nagar, Ahmedabad

Mehta is one the oldest Farsan centre in Maninagar, and are quite famous in nearby areas for their decade-old traditional farsans. They are especially famous for their Fafda Jalebi, Kachoris and Bafwada. It’s definitely a worth place to visit for all farsan lovers. The price of Fafda is Rs 360 per kg and for Jalebi it’s Rs 440 per kg. For some, cleanliness might be an issue, as this is an old place.

7. Rasmadhur Sweets


Address: Sagun Palace, 132 Feet Ring Road, Shivranjani Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Rasmadhur Sweets is extremely famous in Ahmedabad for its north Indian style(Delhi) sweets and snacks. The Jalebis you get here are a bit on the sweeter side and are extremely yummy and delicious. It also sells Delhi Styled Chats like Pani Puri, Dahi Vada/Kachori, Papdi Chat, Raj Kachori etc. It’s also one of the few places where sooji Panipuri is served. The food provided here is of good quality and hygienic.

You can contact them on 079 65120802.
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