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Which is the India’s Best food Thali?

Thalis are one of the most trusted items on the menu of a restaurant, as the flavours in it are varied, nutritious, and is a complete meal. Because of this, most of the restaurants in India has an option of thalis in their menus. The idea behind a Thali is to offer all the six different flavours of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on one single plate. According to Ayurveda, a proper meal should be a perfect balance of all these six flavours.

The thali is typically served with a lot of bowls filled with various sabzis/curry, Roti, Rice and dessert to end your meal. Also, there is a process of eating a thali, which you should follow to get the best taste of your meal. After finishing the spicier part, move on to curd/buttermilk to cool yourself and end the meal with a dessert.

Well, almost every Indian state or region has its own distinctive version of the “Thali” tailormade to suit their local tastes and cooking styles. Check out all the different thali Indian food and tell us which one is your Favorite!

1. Bengali Thali

Thali indian food Bengali Thali.

The Bengalis are always associated with people who’re fond of fish-rice and for the deliciousness of their dessert/sweets. But Bengalis also do have some very delectable vegetable dishes, which you’ll always cherish.

A typical Bengali Thali consists of dishes like Begun Bhaja, Laal Saag(Red Spinach), Ol Bhate, Shukto(A type of Mix Veg), Kochu Saag Narkel Diye(Yam Stem Veg), Beulir Dal, Sada Bhaat, Radhaballavi(Stuffed Puri), Chingri Bhapa(Prawns), Bhetki Maachher Borishali Paturi(Grilled Barramundi fish), Ghoshbarir Kosha Mangsho(Mutton Gravy). Scrumptious Rasgullas are served as a dessert after the meal.

2. Uttar Pradesh Thali

Uttar Pradesh Thali consists of either vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal. Rotis or Parathas are the staple food of the state. Mughlai and Awadhi are other two famous cuisines of the state. The Thali includes Basket Chat, Aloo ki Tikki, Boondi Raita, Mathura ke Dubkiwale Aloo, Arhar Dal, Paneer Pasanda, Bhindi-dal, Nariyal ke Ladoo, Makhane ki kheer, Rice Mutter, Meethi-Hari Chutney and Bedmi Paratha(Lentil stuffed). For desserts, you have Makhane ki Kheer to sweet your tooth.

3. Telangana Thali

Telangana Thali is most commonly known for its hot, spicy and tangy taste. The Telugu food generously uses a lot of spices and the cuisine is known to produce dishes that are spiciest in the world. Tamarind is mostly used to get a tangy taste to the curries. The Telangana Thali includes Gudalu (boiled Black Channa), Pesaru Garelu(Moong Dal Vada), Katte Garelu(crispy rice pancake), Ragi Ambali(Soup), Pacchadi Oru Kodi Pulusu(flavoury chicken curry). Desserts include Garjelu(Coconut and Sugar shaped half moon), Imrati and Pooran Poli.

4. Sikkimese Thali

Sikkim is the first fully organic state in India. Sikkim has a majority Nepalese population and hence the cuisine is also influenced from there. Rice is a staple food of Sikkim and is mostly consumed with different delicacies. A Sikkimi Thali consists of Churpi ko Raas, Mula Churpi(Raddish and churpi) salad, Gundruk(made of Mustard seed leaves), Syapta(stir-fried meat), Mutton ko Raas(Dal-Mutton Soup), momos, thukpa, Wacheepa(rice dish made with grilled chicken).

5. Rajasthani Thali

Thali indian food Rajasthani Thali.

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas has a very varied and rich culture. Laal Maas and Dal Baati are one of the most famous dishes of the state. A typical Rajasthani Thali consists of Lehsun ki chutney, Green Chutney, Samosa, Bati, Daal, Jeera Rice, Besan ki sabzi, Kadhai Paneer, Aloo Phulka, Churma, Moong Dal Halwa, Boondi Raita and Chaas(spiced buttermilk).

6. Punjabi Thali

Thali indian food Punjabi Thali.

This is the only cuisine that has transcended the boundaries of Punjab and stretched into other parts of the country. There is something in Punjabi food that literally makes us dancing on a single leg. A typical Punjabi Thali consists of a Paneer Sabzi, Raita, Vegetable sabzi, Jeera Rice, Dal Tadka, Papad, Buttermilk, Raita. And for dessert either Kheer or Gulab Jamun.

7. Oriya Thali

Oria cuisine prefers cooking in less oil with fewer spices. The food is mostly served with banana leaves. The Oria Thali mostly includes Phakala(Rice, curd and veggies), Roti, Dalma(Sambhar like), Aloo Posto, Baingan Chatka, Potato Ivy Gourd Chips, Phala(Golden) Rasgulla, Kanika(Fried Rice), Pana(Yogurt based fruit drink).

8. Haryanvi Thali

Just like how the people of Haryana are very simple and plain-speaking, so is their food. The state along with Punjab is known as the agricultural bowl of India. Milk and milk products like Ghee, Butter are generously used in all its dishes. The staple diet of the people mainly constitutes of Bajra and wheat. A Haryanvi Thali consists of Bajra aloo roti, Kachri Ki sabzi, Methi Gajar Ki sabzi, Hara Dhania Cholia, Mixed dal, Kadhi, Mithe Chawal, Kachi Lassi. Alsi ki Pinni is consumed as a Dessert.

9. Gujarati Thali

Thali indian food Gujarati Thali.

The Gujarati thali is pretty light with varied flavours to choose from. Normally it’s served with two vegetables, rotis, farsans, chaash(buttermilk), rice, dal or kadhi. In desserts, you can either get sweets like rasgulla, gajar halva or seasonal delicacies like aam ras.

10. Assamese Thali

Thali indian food Assamese Thali

The Assamese cuisine is known for its simplicity and using very less amount of oil and spices. But the varied flavours in it are quite relishing. Rice is their staple food. The Assamese Thali consists of Amitar Khar, Bilahi Boror Tenga(Salty curry with pakodi), Lao Aloo Pitika(Mashed Aloo), Lusi(Damped Puri), Plain rice, Koldil Bhaaji(Banana Flower Sabzi), Baremehali xaak(Mixed Herbs) bhaji, and Sanmeholi Chutney(Green). In Dessert Gooror Payash(One type of Kheer with Jaggery in it) is served.

11. Goan Thali

Thali indian food Goan Thali

Goan Cuisine is mostly influenced by Konkani and Malvani cuisines. Goa is heaven for people who loves to eat different kinds of fishes. A Goan Thali consists of Rice Bhakri, Fish curry, Plain Rice, Daali Thoy(Toor Daal), Kele Ambat(Kokam Banana Sabzi), Vindaloo(Eggplants), Sol Kadi(Kokum Curry) and in the desserts Goan Banana Halwa is served.

12. Maharashtrian Thali

Thali indian food Maharashtrian Thali

Maharashtrian cuisine basically is full of spices, you can expect the food to be full of aromatic flavours. The Maharashtrian thali includes Mirchi Bhajji, Coconut Chutney, Koshimbir, Aloo Bhaji, Chapati, Masale Bhat, Shev Bhaji, Varan Bhat, Sheera, Curd, Buttermilk, Papad.

At last I would say – When it comes to Indian Thali, there is too much of food and thats Good. So pick up your Thali or two !

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