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Dhanteras Shopping: Things to do and Things you should Avoid!

Dhanteras is a day that most of the Indians mark on their calendar as the official day for shopping. The sales done on this day is nearly four times to that of sales done on Black Friday in the US. Also, the sales on this day are not driven by deep discounts, but mere auspiciousness of this day. The day is marked as preparing oneself for Diwali and having an auspicious year ahead by buying gold, silver, and utensils. The first lamp of Diwali is also lit on this day itself. Also if you’re in Ahmedabad, don’t forget to buy the best sweets from these famous shops.

We need to be cautious during this day as well, as certain things are said to bring good luck but there are also some things that can bring bad luck to you. This year this auspicious day is falling on 5th November 2018. This majestic day is around the corner and if you are wondering what to buy and what not, here are the clues for you!

Things to be bought on Dhanteras 2018:

1. Gold Jewellery


This is the one thing that Dhanteras is always associated with. Dhanteras is the most auspicious day in the whole year to buy gold. People believe that good fortune will smile on them even if they buy a little quantity of gold or silver.

2. Electronics


In current times, buying electronics product has picked up the pace. The popularity of electronic goods is next to only Gold ornaments. During this day, heavy discounts are being run in all the stores. You have to keep whatever Electronics you buy on Dhanteras in the north-east direction of your house.

3. Silver Utensils and Coins


Various precious metals registers the maximum sales during this period. The silver coins are mostly used for doing “Lakshmi Puja” and for gifting purposes.

4. Steel Utensils

Dhanteras 2017

For many people, buying gold and silver jewellery are very costly, and for buying them just for the sake of festival is a sheer waste. Hence buying utensils are a good option as they are going to be used throughout the upcoming year and doesn’t provide a strain on the pocket. One can either buy steel or silver utensils for personal consumption.

5. Broom

Broom symbolizes cleanliness and also that Laxmi or wealth only comes to those who maintain a clean environment. Buying Broom signifies that you’re sweeping out poverty and misery from your house.

6. Accounts Register

A lot of businessmen also use this day to start maintaining their account in a new account book. Diwali signifies the arrival of the new year for them.

7. Related to profession


It’s said that every person should buy some things that are related to his/her profession. Like a person who’s a writer can buy a pen, a painter can buy a brush and so on.

8. Coin with Goddess Laxmi

dhanteras 2017

It’s also said to buy a gold or silver coin with Goddess Laxmi moulded into it. Also, Swastik symbol can be put on the doorstep of your house, it’s considered to bring prosperity and good luck.

Things that shouldn’t be bought on Dhanteras 2018:

1. Empty Utensils

dhanteras 2017

Taking in empty utensils in your house is never endorsed, especially on Dhanteras. But as no one is going to sell you bowl or kadhais filled with food, you can fill water in your bowl before entering the house.

2. Sharp Objects

It’s suggested to not include scissors, knife or any other sharp/pointed objects in your shopping spree.

3. Automobiles

dhanteras 2017

During Dhanteras, various Cars showroom tosses various lucrative offers to the customers to buy the cars at a discounted price or zero EMI. It’s advisable to not at all buy the cars on the Dhanteras day. As Dhanteras is an auspicious day and everyone wants their cars to be delivered on this day, you can prebook your car before Dhanteras and get it delivered on the day of Dhanteras.

4. Black Colored Things

Since Dhanteras is widely believed to bring good luck, wearing black is not advisable at all as black color is considered to bring out bad luck.

5. Gifts

dhanteras 2017

Yes! sending gifts on the day of Dhanteras is not considered good, as most of the time, the gifts include gold or money. And it’s considered inauspicious to send money out of the house on the eve of Dhanteras. So, it’s advisable to buy the gifts a day earlier to Dhanteras and then gift it to somebody.

6. Glass products

dhanteras 2017

The Glass Products should be avoided during Dhanteras as the glass is considered to be associated with Rahu. Hence glass utensils can get a miss on this day.

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