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From Fat to Fit with these Belly Squeezing Foods

Ideally, body’s natural state is lean and fit. But processed foods and drinks, excess sugar and other toxins allow fats to deposit and exploding your belly. If you have also gone through this, don’t worry. Apart from your exercise routine, this diet to reduce belly fat will help you lose that hard junk of fat clinging to your body, making you lean and fit again. But you gotta believe in it and be positive. It doesn’t matter even if you have failed in past in your efforts, what matters is focusing now on what you want and taking an action to achieve that.

1. Grapefruit, the Fatsicide

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Grapefruit.

No need of revamping your entire diet in a try to slim down an inch, try eating grapefruit before each meal. It works majestically, showing results in no more than six weeks. It’s fat zapping phytochemicals and its smell can enhance the process of breaking down fats while reducing appetite. Be cautious while using it along with certain medication. So prior to including it in your staple diet, contact your physician.

2. Hibiscus Tea, Belly Diminisher

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Hibiscus Tea, and it's also called as Belly Diminisher

Hibiscus plant attacks the bloating by influencing aldosterone hormone which regulates water and electrolyte balance in the body thereby releasing you from the excess damage done by salt-induced so called tasty diet of ours.

3. Guacamole, Stomach Squeezer

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Guacamole, and it's also called as Stomach Squeezer.

It boosts your digestive system by its unique blend of oils that are so powerful that they have been shown to have a positive impact on irritable bowel syndrome. In simpler language, make avocado your friend and it’s sure to make that fat depositing on your stomach its biggest foe.

4. White tea, Health’s Bodyguard

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is White tea, and it's called as Health's Bodyguard.

White tea can simultaneously boost lipolysis and block adipogenesis. It’s combining effect of caffeine and epigallocatechin-3-gallate would defeat fats and its regular use would cleanse your fat belly and set you ready to try your pre wedding dress.

5. Artichoke, the Fiberizer

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Artichoke, the Fiberizer

Chronic effects of Artichoke, when kept on your dinner platter every day, is sure to please you by having reduced your waist size by an inch in no more than 2 months. Now with this, you don’t need to gulp it in huge. Just one artichoke is good to make up for your entire day’s nutritional mark and trim you down.

6. Oats, get things going

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Oats, it helps in get things going.

Oats are packed with anti-inflammatory compound avenanthramide and beta-glucan that helps to prevent obesity-related health problems including heart disease and diabetes. A cuppa oats in your breakfast will result in greater and longer lasting effects.

7. Collard Greens, the Cholesterol Buster

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Collard Greens which is Cholesterol Buster.

Collard greens are known as Saag in India. It kills excess cholesterol especially when eaten in steamed form. They are awesome cholesterol-lowering drug due to the presence of cholestyramine. Make yourself fit with this Ramban ilaj.

8. Mustard, Metabolism Booster

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Mustard, It's a Metabolism Booster.

Mustard is a strong metabolism boosting ingredients. With just one teaspoon of mustard can improve your metabolism. And there are a variety of ways to eating them as it befriends a lot of dishes may it be your sandwich, your baked items or your protein cuisine.

9. Spinach just kills your Appetite

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Spinach, it kills your appetite.

Spinach is a magic food with the compound like thylakoids. When added to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner can make you get lower on overeating and making you fit.

10. Detox Waters

Diet to Reduce Belly Fat is Detox Waters

Detox water is a fun way of drinking plain water when the latter is infused with some fresh fruits having detoxifying properties. Slice them whole into your water and there you go! Reap the benefits hidden in the flesh and peel of these fruit blended with jivan dan water.

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