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Food tips for Camping, Hiking or picnic

Have you planned for hiking or camping or Picnic on your agenda? If yes then Proper Food Plan is important: There’s plenty to consider besides simply grabbing an energy bar or few packs of Wafers or Sandwiches or a bottle of water. Follow these tips to ensure you have a nourishing and safe food experience on your next outdoor adventure.

Decide a Plan

Your food and water needs are generally higher while travelling. Pay extra special attention to packing plenty of fluids for hot weather adventures. Some other important things to consider before your hiking or camping trip include:

o Know the Length of the trip

o What type of foods and beverages you’ll carry

o How you’ll eat and drink

o If bringing a cooler is an option

o Which food-related tools you’ll need

Pack easy-to-carry foods

Easy to carry food are a must while Travelling. You can actually pack perishable foods, such as sandwiches & Fruits, just be sure you have a cold source to keep foods properly chilled. The more you stash in a backpack, the harder it is to carry, so opt mainly for non-perishable foods that are relatively lightweight and nutrient dense. These include:

o Nuts, seeds, nut-based bars or nut butter packs

o Dried or freeze-dried fruits and veggies

o Energy bars, chews or gels

o Bottled water or sports drink … it’s essential to stay hydrated! Pre-hydrate by drinking at least 4 cups of water before your start so you have less to carry.

Pack easy-to-prep foods

If you are going for a multi-day trip than it’s a little more challenging to pack food for days at a time. The first day you’ll be able to eat perishable foods. But after that, map out your meals so you’ll have what you enjoy and need. If you have a cooler, you’ll have numerous options. Otherwise, include any of these shelf-stable, easily-packed basics to sustain you:

o Easy-to-carry foods mentioned above

o Ready-to-eat cereal

o Individual packets of mayo, mustard, taco sauce and/or soy sauce

o Whole-grain pasta, couscous, rice mix, pancake mix, hot cereal, dried soups and freeze-dried foods (if you have the ability to boil water)

o Marshmallows — for a campfire dessert, of course

o Bottled water, plus powdered beverage mixes

Essentials to be Carried

o Disposable wipes/moist towelettes or biodegradable soap

o Bowls and plates

o Kettle or cooking pot

o Eating and cooking utensils

o Can opener, if applicable

o Ice packs

o Compostable trash bags

o Portable water filters or water purification tablets

o Thermometers for cooler and cooked meat, if applicable.

Now, off to Camping!

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