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8 Most Haunted Roads in India that you should always Avoid!

We are sure you’ve heard many stories about someone having spotted a lady in the white sari while driving late at night with twisted legs and so on. Though there are numerous versions of these stories.

But the mysteries of the unknown have always fascinated the human mind. It’s not surprising for people to say that India is a beautiful yet deliciously mysterious country that beholds the Indian history with a twist of mystery attached to it.

Let me ask a  question – Are you fond of the unknown? Do you remember the Zee Horror Show or the Aahat?

When we think about something being haunted, we think of abandoned asylums, hospitals, houses, and cemeteries. But If you consider yourself daredevil you must drive down these roads late into the night. Be warned though, it’s extremely risky!  Some tales can be stranger than fiction, which is why We say – At your own risk! or in our language “Savari apne saman ki khud Zimmedar hai!!”

Here’s a list of the 12 such haunted Roads in India carefully mapped out for your benefit.

1. Two-Lane east coast Road

Two-Lane east coast Road between Chennai and Pondicherry is one the most haunted roads in India.

East Coast Road between Chennai and Pondicherry is loved by many for its beautiful scenario. But for those who have driven on these roads would validate that it is an absolute delight to drive on in daylight but things get a bit clichéd, and spooky by sundown. Many driving down the road at night have witnessed a woman in a white saree walking along the road, making drivers and riders lose focus on the road and crash. What’s even odder/spooky is that – the badly lit stretch of road also experiences a sudden inexplicable drop in temperature, making it a very, very weird & scary ride.

2. Delhi Cantonment Road

Delhi Cantonment Road is one of the most haunted roads in India.

This is another story of the mysterious woman in the white saree. While some have just spotted her looking lost on the road in the middle of the night, there are others who say you should jam the accelerator as hard as possible because she starts chasing you, at superhuman speed. So if you are not afraid then you can have a visit to superwomen!!

At Last, we just say be it a Ghost or Not, Take Care & Drive Safely.

3. National Highway 33, Ranchi-Jamshedpur

National Highway no.33, Between Ranchi and Jamshedpur is one of the most haunted roads in India.

If you’re a frequent road Traveller or are familiar with the highways of the country, it is quite likely that you’ve heard of the infamous NH33. It is known as the only highway in the country where fatal accidents outnumber non-fatal ones. People say this stretch of road is so scary, it gives you goosebumps as soon as you enter. A total of 243 people have lost their lives on this 40 km stretch in the last three years, making it the deadliest 40 km of the country. Moreover, people have made temples on both ends of the road due to the spookiness and Paranormal Power. Many of the drivers have lost control of the vehicle while trying to save the lady who crosses the NH at night and have met with an accident. No matter what you believe in, we suggest you lay off this road.

4. Marve & Madh Island Road

Marve & Madh Island Road is one of the most haunted roads in India.

This road might not be fatal, but it’s scary nonetheless. This 9 km long stretch of road, lying between V. Road and Marve beach, is said to be haunted by the spirit of a sobbing lady dressed in bridal wear, along with terrifying sounds like her screams and the noise of her anklets. People say they have spotted the lady howling. Now if you’re going down a road at night, and if you begin hearing someone howling, things can get quite unsettling.

A Story we came to know from the Local People –

“A man and one of his friends were returning home on the very night. At that time they heard a little sound of the anklet. After some minutes they saw something in the darkness. It was an apparition of a bride. Probably she was staring at them too. Suddenly it started to scream in pain. Astonishing to see this when the man approached her, the lady started to run. The man also about to run behind her. But his friend instantly stopped him and told ‘are you mad? Forgot about that?’. Suddenly the man felt shivering in his spine. His friend escorted him to their home. By the next day, he became very sick for a long time.”

So as per the local believes the lady was murdered on her wedding night by her husband on the Marve-Madh road. Some other people told the story in little different version. She was killed after some days of her marriage for dowry.

There are many Stories for this but Beware before Travelling through this Road!

5. Kasara Ghat, Mumbai-Nashik Highway

Kasara Ghat, Between Mumbai and Nashik Highway is one of the most haunted roads in India.

This place is ‘infested with ghosts’, taken this into consideration the Mumbai-Nashik highway will take you through a place called Kasara Ghat. People claim to see an old headless lady here, accompanied by hysterical laughing. The creepy bushes and trees looming up on either side of the road make it look worse still.

Now, these are the kind of things that make you lose control of your bowel movements.

6. National highway 209, Sathya-Mangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor

National highway 209, Sathya-Mangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor is one of the most haunted roads in India.

This stretch of the National Highway passes through the forest reserve which used to be the home of legendary Indian bandit – Koose Muniswamy Veerappan.

People have heard screams here and have even seen floating lights. It’s believed that the bandit himself haunts this road! Now that’s one man whose spirit you wouldn’t want to encounter on the road.

7. Mumbai-Pune old Expressway

Mumbai-Pune old Expressway is one of the most haunted roads in India.

Just A story which would define why this Expressway is Haunted …we came to know through some source but is it “Real or Myth”?

Anyways here’s the story….

“A man was returning late night back from work on his scooter. A few kilometres down the highway, he saw a lady dressed asking for a lift. Being a Good Samaritan, he thought of helping her, so asked her to sit behind. After chatting with her for some time he dropped her where she asked him to drop her. A few kilometres down, he saw the same lady asking for a lift. He didn’t recognize her, so he gave her lift. This happened a few times. Something struck him later, and when he turned back he couldn’t find anyone sitting there. As he turned his scooter around him saw the same lady standing in front asking for the lift, again. This time, he decides not to stop and started speeding the scooter. To his surprise, when he looked to his left, he saw the unthinkable.

The lady was running parallel to the scooter and was looking at him. She would laugh, then suddenly start crying. She gave an evil smile said ‘Now your time is over’. Next day uncle woke up near a Dhaba. He had some bruises on his leg apart from having a fractured hand. When he heard about last night’s incident, he was told that this happens quite often, and only a few survived. He was lucky as he had crossed the highway before she could harm him any further.”

8. Igorchem Road, Goa

Igorchem Road, Goa is one of the most haunted roads in India.

Igorchem Road in Goa is considered so haunted that locals avoid it during the daytime too! It is situated behind the Church of Our Lady of Snow. A lot of evil spirits haunt this road and anyone walking here between 2 pm to 3 pm stands the most chances of getting possessed. One can hear footsteps while walking here when nobody is actually in sight!

So, which one do you think you would explore?

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