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Mumbaikar goes here when Hungry in Ahmadabad

Mumbai is famed for its cosmopolitan food platter right from South Indian breakfast, Punjabi lunch to Bengali fish dinner. The food there is as diverse as the people, ranging from street food to fine cuisine to small snacks. It has few oldest restaurant chains’ root and yet is popular for its roadside food stall. Still, high-end restaurants and pubs offering international cuisine can be sited in high number in Mumbai. Otherwise used to living with limited resources, high expecting foodies like Mumbaikar find solace at these locations in Ahmedabad!

Amdavadis don’t just say ‘Aana! Khana kha ke jaana’, we mean it by all means- taste, variety and hospitality, Ahmedabad is a complete paradise for foodies.

1. Manek Chowk, old city, Ahmedabad


A jewelry market in the day, Manek Chowk turns into buzzing food junction with a lot of food courts coming alive on the wheel, tables laid out lighting the whole space and with hunger striking smell of food filling the air. This place does amaze Mumbaikars with its variety in street food from regulars like pav-bhaji, dosa, vegetable biryani, vegetable sandwich to servings like basket chaat, drum kulfi, ice cream sandwich, chocolate sandwich and delicious kulfi from age-old Asarfi. And all these won’t burn their pockets!

2. Vishala, Sarkhej road, Ahmedabad


Mumbaikar not only savor their taste buds with the gujarati cuisine at Vishala but also savor their hometown Bollywood memories with a lot of pictures of celebrities who have been clientele of Vishala Gujarati Cuisine. The place offers awesome Gujarati food along with feeding one’s eye with the cultural heritage of Gujarat through the display of antique Gujarati kitchenware and giving them a feel of the region when the courteous hosts serve food on khatlas or low seated wooden table chairs.

3. Patang, Nehru Bridge, Ahmedabad


This is one of the landmark restaurants in Ahmedabad as it is the only revolving restaurant in Ahmedabad wherein the revolving dining space gives an opportunity to have a 360⁰ panoramic view of the city from the elevation of 250ft. frankly, the food here is not something that can woo a Mumbaikar, but they certainly make a trip to this place for its ambiance and a wonderful experience.

4. Little Italy, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad


Moving on from the traditional set of restaurants to Italian stuff, ‘Little Italy, Ristorante Italiano’ a restaurant of The Grand Bhagwati situated at SG Highway gives Mumbaikar a cozy welcome to the cosmopolitan culture of Ahmedabad. The restaurant serves amazingly delicious Pasta, Panini, and Pizza. The ambiance here is warm with windows overlooking the lush green garden.

5. Ikobo Sizzlers, drive-in road, Ahmedabad


While barbeque nation serves them right, Mumbaikar’s favorite remains to be Ikobo Sizzlers just opposite to earlier. For their love for sizzlers, this is the right choice to quest their hunger and cravings together leaving them with warm memories on a cold winter night.

6. Haute Peppers, Off S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad


Now, when they haven’t made their choice down on a particular type of food, Mumbaikars while in Ahmedabad would set inside Haute Pepper. This restaurant serves cuisine right from Gujarati to Lebanese and has the ambiance to set the mood of their guests. Right food, right place and right guest, all wrapped in sophistication!

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