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Top 8 Life Lessons Travelling teaches you

There are numerous Life lessons travelling teaches you to, that your school doesn’t teach you to. Our list of Top 8 Life lessons travelling gives you an insight of the changes that you might have incorporated while travelling.

“Travel really is a life teacher and there are a number of reasons why taking a few months off or a few days to travel on a career break can actually help you in your future life”.

1. Patience

This is the number one lesson travelling has taught me over the years. When you’re living a western lifestyle you are fortunate enough that everything is scheduled out and things run like clockwork. Well, at least most of the time. I have never taken a vacation where something doesn’t go wrong or is perfect. I’ve lost my luggage, gotten hopelessly confused with directions, manoeuvred my way back to Hotel and other few imperfect things. In general, life doesn’t always go according to plan, even when you’re on vacation. Travelling has taught how to stay patient and how to solve problems quickly. It also teaches how to slow down and notice everything around yourself, rather than rushing through life and not appreciating the world.

2. Appreciation

life lessons travelling teaches you to appreciate even the smallest of things in the universe.

Now that you have slowed down and you can see everything else around you. Rather than just buzzing through life, realize you can learn to appreciate other cultures. Even though you come from any place say for example where it is an extremely multicultural society there is a lack of understanding or bigotry towards different cultures other than your own.

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When you travel, you learn to accept others for who they are. It helps you to create bonds with people outside your culture and learn to respect their beliefs and customs. Sometimes, we have a very closed mind towards other cultures and we believe that travel enriches one to appreciate other cultures and what they stand for. Upon returning to your country or City you really do think the more you are accepting to everyone the more likely you are to start-up conversations with people from ethnic cultures you otherwise may not have in the past.

3. Center of the universe

We find that while living back in a 9-5 world we tend to live in bubble-like existences. And, we have our home bubble, work bubble, family bubble and friends bubble. Now that is a lot of bubbles! But our point is we bounce from one to the next and rarely move outside of our comfort zone. We go from work to home and then we visit our group of friends and everything is extremely safe in those surroundings. When you travel, you’re forced to make new friends every day and you’ve multiple new bubbles forming and popping all the time. You find new accommodation, new friends, and new sights everyday day whilst you are on the road. This teaches you to adapt when you are travelling and you soon realize that there are many other people out in this world-well beyond your own.

4. Adapt

life lessons travelling teaches you to adapt at any situations.

When you’re travelling, you have to constantly adapt yourself to the surroundings. Not only, you have to try new things that you usually wouldn’t try. But also, you’ve to eat food you usually wouldn’t eat and you dress in clothes you usually wouldn’t wear at home. You have to be ready for anything as sometimes things don’t go according to your schedule and you might have to change your plans at the drop of a hat.

This is sometimes hard for people to grasp at first but before too long being able to adapt to any situation is a key skill that you learn when you travel. When you return home you will realize people around find it hard to adapt to change and you over your period of being outside has taught you differently. You will learn to welcome change and embrace it as a part of your new life.

5. Be Spontaneous

There is something about travel that pulls the strings with everyone that tells them to do things that usually wouldn’t do. Whether it is because you don’t have people around that will judge you or you feel free when you travel, but most people are much more spontaneous when travelling. You make a quick decision that will affect the outcome of your travels and you find yourself in situations you would never dream of putting yourself in when you are back in your home country.

Hopefully, when you return home you bring a little spontaneity to your life by shaking up your life every now and again. This can impact your relationships and your mental well-being at home. It makes your life much more exciting if you don’t know what is going to come next. It might be as little as taking a new route to work or surprising your partner with dinner by the lake. Life can at a time get monotonous and all you need to do is think about when you were travelling and bring that travel mindset back into your everyday lives.

6. Try anything once

When you travel you tend to not hold back and you are willing to give anything a go. You tell yourself that you may not be in this situation again so you better try it. Whether you are trying a new food or doing an activity like skydiving, it is important to always give it a go. Don’t be the one who wishes you did it years later. Be the one that gave everything a try.

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One’s motto must be if I don’t try something I will never know what it is like. Be a risk taker, but within reason and live life to the fullest. The movie “Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani” of Ranbir Kapoor should be a good starting point. I know this movie is a little over the top and it’s impossible to always say “yes”, but give it a go with things you would usually say no to. You will be amazed at how many more adventures you will see yourself on by simply saying yes more than no. Give it a go and try it at least once.

7. Accepting

When you travel to far off places in the world, you realize how accepting others are of you. When you travel to far off places in the world, it is not just sights that you explore. But it’s also an opportunity to explore how you accept others and how acceptable you are to others. Visiting new places, restaurants and cafes are means to meet new people and you never know, sometimes people do make great friends with such conversations. Your conversations with people at new places may be a blend of curiosity about each other’s culture, living style, clothing and at times language!

This curious conversation may start with queries, but then they say, love is beyond boundaries of culture and so two human beings though perplexed will surely leave each other with sweet memories. Sure there are times that they are simply curious or have a strange behaviour. On the contrary, travel teaches you that you should accept everyone as equals and we are all human.

We now try to show that same acceptance in our lives today. We believe that if you help the people around you, one day you will be helped back by someone else. Always be accepting of all people and they, in turn, will accept you too. I know this isn’t the perfect world, but travel does teach you to have more compassion for your fellow humans.

8. Compassion

Travelling always opens your eyes to how the rest of the world lives. You soon realize that most of the world’s population is living in poverty with no assistance from anybody. They are barely getting by and will do anything to help their family survive. We have seen devastating poverty in our very own country, India and it’s hard not to be compassionate towards the people in need. Travel will teach you to be compassionate whether you like it or not. You will learn things about yourself that you never thought existed in your personality.

Your compassion can continue to run through your everyday life. And you can show others how to help those who are less fortunate than yourself. This may be as simple as helping out in your local community or donating to a specific cause you feel strongly about. The time you spent outside will change the way you think about others. As a result, you’ll be compelled to do something rather than nothing.

Travel is definitely life changing and as the world is getting smaller through the media. Many people choose not to travel, as we can see everything from the comfort of our home. Travel will enrich your life in ways you never thought possible and is the best life teacher.

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