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6 Bollywood Movies for All Food Enthusiasts

Our Lives always revolves around food. Watching movies without having popcorn is an undeclared sin. No functions, meetings can be completed without having good food. And the movies?? Well, they depict a section of society and food is something that everyone is a huge fan of. Bollywood movies are rarely based on the theme of food and that’s a cause for regret, as everyone loves food and this can develop audience’s interest from start.

1. The Lunch Box- Ghar ka Khana

Surely nothing can outclass homemade food, especially when the food is cooked with so much love and warmth. It’s said that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and Lunch Box brilliantly displays how a wife tries to charm her husband with her mouthwatering food. But instead, the tiffin reaches to some other person. They started sharing their memories and events related to their own lives and that’s how through a lunchbox friendship between them is triggered.

Most Delicious Scene: When Ila with so many efforts cooks food for her husband.
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2. Cheeni Kum- Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao

Amitabh Bachchan plays Buddha in this movie who’s a renowned chef of a famous restaurant in London. He has only one passion, Cooking! His Restaurant is literally his life and he never compromises on the Quality and Authenticity of the food that he serves. The movie establishes that a coffee is not always needed, a lot can happen over a Zafrani Pulav as well.! So one fine day Tabu visits the restaurant and doesn’t like Zafrani Pulav and says its too sweet, Buddha couldn’t digest being critiqued and says “This is the finest Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulav in the world. Only a dead tongue can reject it“. Later Tabu proved him wrong by serving him the authentic home cooked Zafrani Pulav. And that’s how love blossomed between a 64-year-old Buddha and 34-year-old Tabu.

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Most Delicious Scene:
When Tabu serves Buddha home cooked Zafrani Pulav which was way better than what his restaurant have.
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3. Stanley Ka Dabba- Tiffin Box

Stanley Ka Dabba is a very beautiful movie that can literally take you back to your childhood. How during your childhood days we used to wait for our lunch break to find which delicacies our mother has sent us to. We all were very fortunate that after the intense lectures of the teachers, we had our saviour ‘The Dabba’. But Stanley doesn’t have that privilege, the story revolves around the struggles of a 4th-grade school boy who doesn’t bring his own Dabba to school.

Most Delicious Scene: When Stanley’s friend understands his situation and shares their food with him.
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4. Queen – Gol Gappa

The film showcases how an under-confident girl impresses European people with her excellent cooking skills and in this process started respecting what she actually is. Queen surely demonstrates that the good food is loved all over the world. Cooking delicious Gol Gappas surely benefited Rani to gain confidence in her capabilities and realising she’s not weaker than anyone.

Most Delicious Scene: When Foreigners really loved her Gol Gappas.
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5. Bawarchi

This Amazing movie will surely fulfil your love of comedy and food-related movies. The protagonist in this movie is played by Rajesh Khanna(aka Raghu) who’s an expert chef as well as a good dancer and singer. Raghu then arrives into a Trouble riddenJoint family as Bawarchi and solves family member’s problems. This also helps them to realise the importance of a family and they stay united after that.

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6. English Vinglish – Ladoo

Shashi (aka Sri Devi) in English Vinglish surely depicts everyone’s mother. She’s very caring, cooks delicious food and most importantly always thinks of others before herself. But she had one thing that differentiates her from rest and that was she used sell Laddus, her home run business. Her Laddus were amazingly delicious and everyone simply loved them.

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Most Delicious Scene:
In the beginning when Shashi makes those delicious Laddus.
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