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7 Places to visit in Mandvi Vacation in Kutch, Gujarat

Mandvi is located on the banks of the Rukmavati river and is one of the most wonderful city of Kutch. It is at a distance of 446 Km from Ahmedabad and 75 Km from Bhuj. Though major cities of once isolated Kutch has now become quite populated due to advancement in the commercial sector in this region, Mandvi city remains to be quite tranquil and pollution free. It is therefore known as ‘Paris of Kutch’. But, since Mandvi is so diverse and huge, a lot of people get confused in what to do and what to not. After a thorough research, we are presenting before you our list of Top 7 places to visit in Mandvi Trip.

1. Ship Building Yard

places to visit in mandvi

Mandvi Port is created by Maharao Shree Khengarji-I in 1580 A.D. Since then, businessmen and overseas traders have been encouraged to come to Mandvi and develop trading here. This trade friendly attitude of kings of Kutch made Mandvi one of the biggest port of Gujarat. Though Mandvi is no longer into intense port business, it is still very famous for its ship building yard, where a site of the handmade huge wooden ship is certainly an eye candy.

2. Mandvi Beach

places to visit in mandvi

The view of the sunset on the beach of Mandvi is the most beautiful sight and hence the best takeaway for the lens of photo fanatics.

After all the cool breeze, a camel ride, sip of tender coconut and flavoured Ice Gola are just cherry on the cake for visitors to the Mandvi Beach.

3. Private Beach Resorts

places to visit in mandvi

If you’re a lover of serenity, you can skip going to the public beachfront and consequently choose to spend money on a few private beach resorts on the coast of Mandvi like Serena Beach Resort and Vijay Villas Private Beach Resort.

4. Vijay Vilas Palace

places to visit in mandvi

Once a summer retreat of Kutch Maharajas, Mandvi has beautiful villas developed along the beachside. One such villa and now a tourist attraction is Vijay Villas Palace. In fact, it’s the same place where scenes from movies ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and ‘Lagaan’ have been filmed.

5. Bandhani- an art of Mandvi, Kutch

6. Places to visit in mandvi is Bandhani.

Mandvi is also known for the production of its famous Bandhani (tie-dye) and other country crafts.

6. Osho Restaurant

6. Places to visit in mandvi is Osho Restaurant in Mandvi Bazaar

Savour the taste of unlimited local cuisine at the famous ‘Osho Restaurant’ in the Mandvi Bazaar. And, of course, don’t forget to delight your taste buds with a munch of ‘Dabeli’ – Burger of Mandvi.

7. Majestic Sunset at Mandvi Beach

Majestic Sunset at places to visit in Mandvi Beach.

As a matter of fact, no visit to Mandvi can be completed without a view of the sunset at beach and taste of Dabeli.

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