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Top 7 Places to visit in Polo Forest

Polo forest is located in the mysterious jungles near Abhapur village in Vijayanagar Taluka, Gujarat near the uninhabited region of Harnav reservoir. The forest has treasured its Laurel of rich cultural and natural heritage in form of ruins of old Hindu temples and lush green environment enriched with biodiversity.

It’s is nearly 160 Km(~3 hrs) away from Ahmedabad. This dense forest is the retreat for all nature lovers, wildlife enthusiast and adventurers and is the best option for one day picnic. It has kept a secret of around 200 species of birds and more than 30 species of mammals and reptiles in the form of its dense and tall trees.

We recommend you to visit the Polo Forest during Monsoon and Winter.

1. Destination for Trekking and Eco Tours

Polo forest is a destination for Trekking and Eco Tours.

It has also emerged out as a hotspot for trekking, rapping and mountain biking, horse riding and eco-tours.

2. Polo Utsav-Tent stay, Sports and Adivasi art

Polo Utsav-Tent stay, Sports and Adivasi art at Polo forest

Sabarkantha District Office also organises out ‘Polo Utsav’ from January to March with an aim to attract tourism in this region and to provide an opportunity to exhibit local art of Adivasis in Polo forest. The Polo Utsav is usually held in the month of January. The government organises a tent city in the forest with around 300 tents, cycling trek, and adventure sports.

3. Shiv Temple at Sarneshwar

Build around the 15th century, this temple is dedicated to Shiva. It is notable for its two-storeyed construction, surrounding wall with entrances on east and west. Nandi-mandapa in front and the ambulatory around the sanctum. Carvings on the plinth and external walls depict divinities, scenes of social life, mythical beings, and bands of elephants, horses and swans.

4. Lakhena Jain Temple

Lakhena Temple at Polo forest.


5. Harnav river and Dam

Harnav river and Dam at Polo forest.

The Harnav Dam is a 50 meter Dam built on River Harnav. The Dam was built due to two major reasons: helping farmers in irrigation and flood management.

6. Jain Temple

Jain Temple at Polo forest.

Jain Temple is one the main attractions you can find in Polo Forest. Horse riding facility is also available there for Rs 50.

7. Idar

Idar, religious place for Jains at Polo forest.

Staying and eating options at Polo forest are very limited on days other than polo Utsav. Nevertheless one can opt to stay at Idar, a religious destination for Jains and very close to Polo Forest. I personally would take on Polo forest tour as a one day trip! With all this, Polo forest must top the checklist of all Nature loving Gujaratis.

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