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Is it Safe to Drink Milk after Eating Fish??

“Drinking Milk after eating Fish can be very unhealthy and causes many side effects like skin discolouration.”

A Caution that you might have surely heard from your mother. This is an age-old notion passed on to generations and generations without a miss. So most of the people are quite frightened about drinking milk after any non-vegetarian dishes like Chicken, Eggs or Fishes. They fear that combining these two can cause white patches or pigmentation on the skin. Because of the fear of white patches, no one dares to try this combination.

No Medical Evidence

But this is not true. Until now, no one has seen success in proving that eating fish and milk together can be disastrous by either medically or scientifically.

It’s not that these myths are popular in South Asia. Milk misconceptions are prevalent in many societies. Israelis and many south asian nations believe this to be the worst combination ever.

Now, you might think of your friend or relative who has mixed these two and now his skin has white pigments all over his body. The reason behind your friend’s condition might be of fish allergy or he might be lactose intolerant (people who cannot digest milk). So if you’re not someone who is either allergic to seafood or lactose intolerant, you’re good to go.

Vitiligo is a condition in which a person develops white patches on his/her skin. The white patches happen because of the destruction of pigment-forming cells called as melanocytes. And by consuming milk with fish doesn’t create any of the conditions that lead to either alterations or destruction of melanocytes. But after eating this combination if you suffer from Itching, stomach ache, then it’s because of stomach indigestion.

There is also something I would like to add, that there is no point in consuming two high protein rich foods at the same time. As our stomach might have difficulty in digesting two different proteins at the same time.

Tell us if are you going to try these two next time or not?

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