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The 230-ft Organ that uses Sea to make Haunting Music

The sea organ, or “morske orgulje”, is a series of steps with holes in that lead to resonating chambers. It was designed by architect Nikola Basic. The water specifically rushes into the holes, creating an endlessly random and very haunting melody.

If you ever travel to Croatia you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to listen to this 230-foot organ. It’s strategically placed so that it uses the sea to create a hauntingly beautiful melody, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The random yet somehow perfectly harmonized sounds are caused by the wind and water energy of the Adriatic Sea.

Carved into the steps are narrow channels that connect to 35 organ pipes, each tuned to different meticulously arranged musical chords. As the waves lap against the steps, they push air through the pipes and out whistle-holes in the surface above, making a harmonious and completely random musical arrangement. But you don’t see what’s happening below the surface. You close your eyes and all you hear is a song like you’ve never heard before. One completely unique to the movement of the sea at that exact moment.

sea organ zadar croatia

The morske orgulje, is an incredible feat of architecture designed to bring life back to one of the world’s oldest cities.

Zadar Croatia

holes of the sea organ zadar Croatia.

Zadar is a 3,000-year-old city on the coast of Croatia. It was almost completely destroyed in World War II with so many of its ancient landmarks lost forever.

The addition of this organ here has moreover changed the Zadar area into a popular spot for locals and tourists to have lunch, watch the sunset, and just take a break from the day. The installation of the sea organ has turned around the area, making it a far more peaceful place to visit.

The organ is literally played by Mother Nature 24-hours a day. You can imagine how it sounds all you want, but there’s nothing like hearing it with your own two ears.

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