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Seva Cafe

Where your meal is gift to you by someone who has dined before you!

On the western shores of India, resides the fun-loving food crazy race of Gujaratis. Famous for their extravagant lifestyles, the Gujaratis take their food very seriously. The Gujarati’s  love their staple dhoklas, Handvas, Undhiyu, Theplas and also love Punjabi, Chinese and Mexican cuisines. The Jewel City of the State of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is one the best example to peep into a Gujju’s heart and a Gujju tummy. Ahmedabad is a foodies heaven, you get everything here, be it Jain food to an outright non-vegetarian food, from street food to fine dining. Today, Rakhduu will navigate you through C. G. Road, and our destination is Seva Cafe.

As the name suggests, the cafe is run on the Seva, that is on the services from the volunteers. And as Seva is done freely and voluntarily, so also you’re not billed for the food and service, yes you heard it right!! You eat the food and you pay whatever you feel like.

Seva Cafe Model

Live singing performance at Seva Cafe

Profits, Growth, and Expansion remain our priorities when we engage in business activities. But the Seva Cafe that’s run by organizations like Manav Sadhna Gramshree and Swatch Seva think differently. From the past 11 years, they are continuing this noble concept which has created an unimaginable bond between different strangers over the years. Here, Guests don’t have to pay for their meals once they’re done. The bill is already paid in advance by someone else, the meal you enjoyed was a gift. All you need to do is to pay as much as they want for the other guests that visit this place and keep the chain going. Some people call it gift economy, and some call it “Sharing is Caring.”

Seva Cafe encourages all its patrons to continue the circle of giving. People not only from this city but all over the world come to witness this unique concept of sharing. Also adding to the feel are the Gandhian walls full of Mahatma’s saying. Unlike the busy and noisy locale, the ambiance at Seva Cafe is extremely serene. Seva Cafe has an open kitchen and an open dining area, a closed sitting area, a small section for books, a stage and a fantastic handicrafts store.

The Guest cooks and Chefs here prepare healthy and homely food, without the use of artificial coloring or preservatives, giving each dish an authentic touch. Serving to only 50 people a night, their main focus is only quality, not quantity.

Volunteers: The Heart of Seva Cafe

Seva cafe's volunteers

Many volunteers have been a volunteer of Seva Cafe for more than five years. All adding to the one wonderfully unique feel of the place. Seva Cafe uses the same amount to purchase the groceries and other items for the next day, which means that the food that you’re eating today is actually financed by someone yesterday!
Another amazing thing about Seva Cafe is that there is always something new on the menu every day.

The service here is done with a pure heart. That’s why the taste of food here is different.

The volunteers here are simple youngsters, who come here to provide services like cooking, serving and cleaning up the place. In fact, they are welcomed by the Seva Cafe family in the unique ritual, after which they are assigned responsibilities for the night. These volunteers feels satisfied and happiness in serving the people, and are very attached to this place. These volunteers called themselves ‘Moved By Love’ Volunteers who feed everyone with love and respect.

“Our Wealth”, in which anyone can donate any amount of money and anyone can take it for a good cause. If you want some quiet time and good food, this is your place to be. Here, you feel like a family because you can actually talk to the waiters. It’s not just a transaction. So all these things make a really enjoyable experience.

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