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Net worth of Shahrukh Khan’s Houses Worldwide

Shahrukh Khan, the most popular actor in Bollywood is also the world’s second richest actor, with a net worth of US $600 million(Rs 3752 Crore). As per the Hurun Report, Shahrukh Khan houses and other properties cost more than $400 million. The actor started off working in theater in Delhi and then began acting in TV serials in the late 80s. It is reported that Shahrukh Khan came to Mumbai carrying less than Rs. 300 in the pocket. Today, Shahrukh Khan is one of the best success stories in India, telling that if you really want to make it big, you can do it, no matter how you started!

Shahrukh Khan Houses with his wife Gauri Khan

Shahrukh Khan Houses

They say a house is a basic necessity of human being used to stay with family. But if that house is of Shahrukh Khan’s, it defines the luxury that stardom has around them. It also spells the Khan’s taste and interiors surrounding them.
Let’s have a look at Shahrukh Khan’s beautiful homes and residences around the globe in case you plan to visit them and want to see for yourself.

Mannat, Mumbai

Mannat was earlier known as the Villa Vienna and belonged to Gujarat born Parsi Kekoo Gandhy. SRK purchased Mannat (then called as Villa Vienna) from Dubash at a price of Rs. 15 Crore in 1995. Now, this spot which is known as a visitor historic point in Mumbai is worth near an astounding US $333 million (INR 200 crores).

Shahrukh khan houses Mannat was earlier known as Villa Vienna

The multi-storeyed house, connected by a system of elevators, has two living rooms adorned with paintings by M.F Hussain, antiques and other art objects. Two of these floors contain the family’s living area. The house has an entire floor which serves as a playroom for his kids, a library, a private bar and an entertainment center.

Mannat Bedroom

Bedroom of Shahrukh Khan Houses Mannat

Mannat Bathroom

Bathroom of Shahrukh khan Houses Mannat

Such is the fan following of Bollywood’s Baadshah that several hundred people visit the house every day hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite Bollywood star.

Palm Jumeirah

Shahrukh Khan houses in Palm Jumeirah

He also possesses a standout amongst the most costly homes in Dubai, an estate on Palm Jumeirah which is of worth US$65 million, which has been given to him for FREE by developers of the project ‘Nakheel’ in 2007, as they wanted to have a Bollywood celebrity resident at the Palm Jumeirah!

This is an 8,500 sqft, a six-bedroom villa that spreads over two floors. It has a 14,000 sqft plot that acts as the home ground for Shah Rukh’s K-93 Villa with two remote-controlled garage spaces, an independent beach area, and a private pool. The cost of this holiday home of SRK in Dubai is Rs. 17.84 crore (Dh14.4 million)!

Shahrukh Khan visits Dubai once every year to spend quality time with his family at the Palm villa. The trunks of villa K-93 are fully open to visitors. But the interior grounds of Shahrukh Khan’s Dubai villa are guarded with tight security. He likewise possesses a palatial cottage in Delhi and a GB£20 million lodge in London.

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