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They sit between graves for a cup of tea in Ahmadabad

How would you like it if you have to negotiate your way around graves to have a place at a table for a cuppa hot tea. I am not out of my mind. In India is Gujarat, In Gujarat, is Ahmedabad and here in Ahmedabad is Lal Darwaja, where a unique theme restaurant proves to have flourished for more than 50 years in a graveyard. Yaha restaurant graveyard ke under hain ya graveyard restaurant ke under he, pata hi nahi chalega boss!

The New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmadabad, India began as a tea stall outside a centuries-old Muslim cemetery of a 16th Century Sufi saint. In 1950, a man named K.H. Mohammed opened a tea stall outside the cemetery with the help of Nair who later became his partner in this business. Who knew, that their tea stall would gradually expand to encompass the graveyard area and today, these graves are an integral part of New Lucky Restaurant.

The owner when took a decision of converging its tea stall into a restaurant serving high tea and other local snacks didn’t find it gawara to demolish this century old graves. Instead, the owner Krishnan Kutti chose to keep it safe in the iron grills and make sitting arrangements around the space between these graves.

Guests to this restaurant get a unique experience of having high tea with dead and the owners believe to receive good luck that perseverance of these graves brings to his business. Every morning, they pay respect to graves and spend some time wiping the gravestones and offering fresh flowers to them.

Customers at New Lucky Restaurant don’t seem to mind the awkwardness of the place as one would find frequent and regular visitors to this place chatting over politics, social issues or simply rolling in another live episode of chai pe charcha. The young group of buddies find this place convenient to their pocket and can be seen hanging around here often.

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