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Things you must do in Uttarayan 2018

Uttarayan is actually made up of two Sanskrit words ‘Uttara’ means North and ‘Ayana’ means coming, it portrays the movement of the Sun to the north. Uttarayan is the only festival in Hinduism which is always celebrated on a fixed date. As Uttarayan is approaching, let’s help you in preparing this wonderful festival so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Uttarayan is celebrated as a Kite Festival in the western parts of the country.

If you’re an outsider and want to take a glimpse of how this event is celebrated, then you should visit Ahmedabad(known as the kite capital of Gujarat) during January. And see, how the whole event is celebrated. We have curated a whole list of various things to do in Uttarayan for you.

1. International Kite Festival 2018

This year the International Kite Festival will commence on 7th and ends on 14th January 2018. The Festival attracts people not only from different Indian states but from all over the world. Various master kite flyers from around the world participate in this annual extravaganza to showcase their skills and different kinds of kites. The Event has been organized since 1989 and is hosted by Gujarat TourismSabarmati Riverfront is the best place to see this festival. The event commences with cultural performances and kites demonstration from different kite flyers. Various Handicraft stores and food corners are also arranged for the visitors.

2. Eat Undhiyu-Puri

Undhiyu Puri

Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti cannot be completed without relishing the mouthwatering taste of Undhiyu Puri. Right?? This winter delicacy is loved by old and young alike. Especially after a tiring day of flying kites during Uttarayan, this dish can definitely energize you to go an extra mile.

3. Jalebi

Yummy Jalebi are the best things to do in uttarayan

What can we say about these? These are a particular favourite of Gujaratis, be it Dussehra or any other festival. Jalebis can surely find a place during the celebration of all festivals. Know where you can get the Best Jalebis in Ahmedabad.

4. Eating Chikki and Til Gud Laddoo

Chikkis and Til Laddo are things to do in uttarayan, without which Uttarayan cannot be celebrated

There is a tradition of eating sweets made from Til(Sesame seeds) on Makar Sankranti in various parts of the state. Eating Til Gud Ladoo is quite beneficial for your health during Uttarayan as it protects you from harmful UV radiations. Hence keeps your skin and hairs healthy. And do I need to explain what Chikki is for everyone? Well yes, this is one of the most loved sweet being eaten in mostly all the different states in our country.

6. Visit Kite Museum in Paldi

Kite Museum in Paldi should be the first things to do in uttarayan

This is the most humble and understated museum in Ahmedabad. You can learn a lot in the Kite Museum, like how kites were used during wars and how different kites take a flight. You can find a lot of rare and unique kites over here which you might think never exists. The Biggest Kite available in the museum is of 22 feets. But the major highlight of this museum is the kite that is made up of 400 different types of paper.

I recommend everyone to make a visit to Kite Museum, to see the most exquisite kites ever made. It’s a must visit place for everyone who considers himself the best ‘Patangbaaz’.

7. Using Peepudi

Pipudi is the best things to do in uttarayan. It helps you to make your opponent aware of your victory.

What’s the fun in flying kites when you can’t celebrate your victory? Make sure to get your Peepudi before 14th, it will be your winning trumpet.

8. Having Dinner on the Terrace itself

After a tiring day flying kites on the terrace, what’s better than to relax on the same spot with your friends, family members. Undoubtedly our Festivals help us in spending more times with our loved ones and Uttarayan certainly can fill any gaps you might have with any of your loved ones. So do make sure to celebrate Uttarayan with every family member of yours.

9. Precautions while flying Kites

Precautions that should be taken while driving. Learn more about in things to do in uttarayan

People need to be very attentive during Uttarayan, especially for people who are driving two-wheeler on the road. Those driving two-wheeler should use neck protectors on their vehicles. Also, do make sure to use sunglasses while flying kites as looking directly into the sun can be harmful.

10. Catching other people’s Kites

catching kites in things to do in uttarayan

Believe me, nothing beats the fun of catching kites which were triumphantly flying a few minutes earlier. This may sound childish to a lot of people, but pleasantly it is. This activity can surely make you nostalgic about your childhood.

11. Buying Kites and Manjha

different kites in things to do in uttarayan

Weeks before Uttarayan, the markets are stashed away with different colours, sizes of kites. Make sure to get your Kites and Firki weeks before 14th January. If you’re in Ahmedabad, you can get kites from Raipur Patang Bazaar, Kalupur Tankshaal, Jamalpur, Patang Baazar near Keshav Baag and Sardar Patel Statue.

12. Get speakers

We Love Music, don’t we? And while flying kites, it’s something that is an utmost necessity more than our food. Right? So make sure to get those huge woofers and speakers for your terrace. As its Uttarayan, if you’re planning to get one on rent, do make sure to get them earlier.

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