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Amazing Tips for Trekking in Himalaya for Beginners

It is intriguing to say but, if you feel the zeal to venture out on your first trekking expedition to Himalaya, JUST DO IT. But before moving ahead to explore the beauty of nature in the majestic Himalayas, it’s important to know that hiking on hills is very much different from leisure walking in cities. Even if you are familiar with hills and high altitude. Before you take up your first trek, you need the right knowledge and gear to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

Trekking in Himalaya:

Ranbir and Deepika padukone trekking in Himalaya.

Trekking in Himalaya is categorized in easy, moderate and tough, though all are stated relatively. Yet, it is highly advised to choose an easy trekking location if you are a first-timer. To begin with, here are few tips to define an easy trekking trail:

  • The uphill sections are not too steep. You can go up at a steady pace while stopping to admire the view while catching your breath
  • No special technical or mountaineering skills are required to navigate the trek.
  • The altitude does not go beyond about 3500-4000 m where chances of altitude sickness increase. You might still feel a little light-headed or breathless but most people can function fully well at these altitudes.
  • There is a more or less defined path.

Once you have chosen your trekking destination, make sure you are relatively fit and healthy to complete that trek. Normal hiking for 6-7 hours a day is one of the most required pre-requisite conditions. One has to be mentally prepared along with good health to undertake high altitude trekking.

Trekking kits for trekking in Himalaya

People suffering from acute heart and lung diseases, asthma and high blood pressure are not recommended to take up high altitude trekking in Himalaya.

Even if you are comparatively healthy, it is advisable to take some exercises like running and long distance uphill walking a month before the trek. This exercise really helps you keep fit and healthy during the trek.

Lastly, keep up your confidence while trekking. As a beginner, you will feel the ultimate thrill of the trekking tour. If you follow all tips and guidelines properly, you are sure to complete a memorable tour that you will never forget in your entire life!

Handy packing tips for trekkers!

Once Rakhduu decided to set on an endeavour of trekking in the Himalaya. All necessary knowledge about the trekking trail, prior exercises, and travel arrangements were done. Now, as ‘D Day’ gets close to onset the journey, Rakhduu is confused for then comes the time for packing. Packing for any other tour and trekking expedition to Himalaya can be anything but similar. Well, if you are that Rakhduu today, who is perplexed what to take in your backpack for your first trekking, here’s the answer…

First and foremost, the right and comfortable choices of clothing make a great difference in your fitness. So it is necessary to be disciplined while packing your clothing for the trip. Include basic medicine kit during the trek which includes medicine for high altitude sickness, headache, diarrhoea, vomiting, common cold etc.

Start with a backpack of around 60 Lts (suggested for trekking trip of fewer than 10 days) with rain cover. Get a comfortable trekking shoe and gumboots. As a smart packing strategy, pack 4 pairs of full sleeve shirts or T-shirt and track pants. And ensure that at least one should be waterproof or windproof. Pair it up with 4 pairs of cotton socks and 3 pairs of woollen socks.

For trekking trail like one in Himalaya, it is important to take into consideration the chilly winters you would face during the expedition. Therefore it’s suggested to pack 2-3 full sleeve sweaters including one heavy down jacket, 2 pair of thermal inners, two pairs of waterproof hand gloves and two pairs of woollen gloves.

Nature Mania!

Nature plays around Himalaya in a funny way. People experience, chilly wind one day, snowfall at times and the sunshine on other days. This makes your backpack to include few necessary items like sun cap, scarf, light towel, lip balm, cold cream, sunscreen of preferably SPF 40 or more and a decent sunglass.

Other trekking essentials are a water bottle, headlamp or torch, personal toiletries, sanitizer, personal medical kit, walking stick and a photochromatic glasses if you wear spectacles. Don’t even fancy to wear your contact lenses while trekking.

Finally, carry what makes sense to you! And make your first trekking expedition a bundle of thrilling and memorable experience.

Happy Trekking!

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