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Top 5 Gujarati dishes you shouldn’t miss!

This dialogue of 3 Idiots clearly sums up the Gujarati cuisine, the names might be a little awkward but their tastes are unbelievably incredible. It’s not a mystery that the Gujaratis are known to be exceptional travelers but they do have a very distinctive taste in their food habits. Wherever the Gujaratis go, they never forget to take their cuisines with them. The Gujarati cuisine is quite famous in India, popularised a lot by the TV serials like ‘Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma’ and others.

As the climate of Gujarat is quite dry and humid, there’s an abundance of lemon, tomatoes, and sweetness in the Gujarati cuisine as these keep the body hydrated. If you’re planning to visit Gujarat, do make sure to taste at least one of the delicacies we have listed down below, we’re sure you’ll love them.

1. Undhiyu


Undhiyu is cooked only in winter season as it contains the vegetables that are mostly available in months from November to February. Undhiyu is a dish that amalgamates various other flavors of different ground vegetables like unripe bananas, eggplants, and sweet potatoes. The vegetables are steamed cooked inside the traditional matla(earthen pot) instead of the pressure cooker as it maintains the proper texture of the vegetable and flavor. Undhiyu is eaten mostly with puri and shrikhand. Undhiyu is indispensable in festivals like Uttrayan.

2. Thepla


For non-Gujaratis, the thepla is nothing but just masala parathas, but these specially prepared theplas are more than that. They are very healthy and can be preserved for a longer duration as well. The real mystery behind making the perfect thepla lies in making the perfect dough blended with fenugreek(methi) and various spices together. Because of the turmeric being added into the theplas, they look irresistible mouth-watering. Thepla is preferably eaten with Curd, pickle or fried green chilies.

3. Khaman Dhokla


This is the most prominent and easily recognizable Gujarati dish that everyone in India admires and love. Dhoklas are not only delicious, but they are healthy too it’s the most loved food for diet conscious people. It’s a steamed food prepared from Gram floor and garnished with cumin seeds, fried green chilies, and curry leaves. Generally, Dhoklas are available throughout the stretch of India, but the Ahmedabadi Dhoklas are surely on another level.

4. Surti Locho


This is the first love of every Surti(people who are from Surat). It is steamed baked, served with lemon juice, chutney, onions, and Sev on top of it. It’s very delicious and is made with gram flour.

5. Fafda-Jalebi


This is the one most delicious street food of Gujarat. For the Gujaratis, Fafda and Jalebis are their dream-day breakfast. Fafda is a crunchy-spicy long strip of gram dough(besan) and Jalebis are made from wheat flour and are dipped in sugar syrup. In Ahmedabad, there are a lot of street food stalls selling these delicious delicacies, if you’re in Gujarat you certainly shouldn’t miss this deadly combination.

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