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Top Bar and Pubs in India

Pubs and bars in India have revamped themselves and here are some the kickass places where you should definitely head out to grab a drink this weekend. I know you all really don’t have the time to read. Hence, I won’t make this article a thesis as I need to go through a list of Bars & Pubs in India. So check out these top list and Party Hard. No matter what your choice of drink is, hanging out at these places would increase up your happiness quotient.

1. 21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai


Want to experience absolute-zero temperatures in the middle of tropical Mumbai? Then 21 Fahrenheit is the place for you. Enjoy yourself with neon lighting, ice tables and chairs, and alcohol which is served in glasses made of ice.

2. Skyee, Bangalore


You don’t need to have a visa to visit a place that’s so top-notch as this – it makes you think you’re sitting in the USA. Absolutely amazing ambiance and view, along with great music and a beautiful crowd.

3. AER, Mumbai


Probably the best view and ambiance in entire Mumbai !! Maybe this is an over exaggeration, but I couldn’t think of a word to describe a view that captures entire Mumbai! Service is excellent.

Cocktails are a must try here and they have some unique combinations of drinks. Try “The Joker” without fail!

4. Black Sheep Bistro, Goa


You simply can’t ignore this little place called Black Sheep Bistro while walking down the street in downtown Panjim. With the interiors, it seems like one of those places of Hollywood sitcoms where friends meet and chill.

Set up in a 100-year-old Portuguese house and at present open only for dinner, the Black Sheep Bistro serves fusion and contemporary cuisine at affordable prices. It is famous for its “Hatke” Menu and delicious foods and beverages. Few of the dishes like the mulled wine, red salad, crab cakes, another dish with Goan sausages bruschetta (with chocolate shavings), risottos, Hainanese chicken and so on

Places like BSB are India’s take on modernist cuisine.  It’s certainly a chef’s restaurant. Must visit. Hopefully, some holistic experience will be added to the very clean and professional menu.

5. The Flying Elephant, Chennai


The Flying Elephant is a celebration of senses in a culinary theater that offers an array of experiences in a one of a kind vertical dining destination. A celebration of flavors, aromas, and design, it offers diners in the country an avant garde multi-sensory experience.

An architectural masterpiece, spanning over seven levels, is designed to invoke a theatrical indulgence.

The five live kitchens feature Indian, Turkish, Teppan, Western & a taste of Southeast Asian styles of cooking and you can order from any of our live kitchens to anywhere in the restaurant. The cuisines include- Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, North Indian, Italian & Western.

6. Vault Cafe, Delhi


The Vault Café in Central Delhi has interesting interiors with vaults as private dining areas, it also has a great outside area to sit when the weather is pleasant. A private Vault to spend time with your friends and on the top of it delicious food acts like a cherry on the cake for this extravagant cafe. This British style setting would take you back to early 20’s.

 7. Area 51, Pune


This place is fantastic for dance lovers. Designed like a spaceship on the outside, and laser-lighting and versatile counters on the inside, Area 51 is mysteriously alluring.

So where are you heading this Weekend ?

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