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Treks in Himalaya to try as Beginner

Though no trek in Himalayan mountains can be termed easy, this mighty giant has in its lap few treks with lesser steep mountains yet the bountiful beauty of nature to behold. For a novice like me in the world of adventure trekking, here are three treks that caught my fancy. And who knows, taking these easy to traverse trails, today’s neophyte may be tomorrow’s accomplished adventure expert.

Sham Valley Winter Trek, Ladakh


Tucked into the transfixing Ladakh region, Sham Valley Trek is fondly called “baby trek” as it is the best option for beginners. The valley is also known as apricot valley attributing to the widespread apricot flowers that blossom in the valley during the winter season.  The trek begins from Likir at an altitude of 3500 m and moves to Mebtak La at 3750 m upholding a uniform elevation. It allows you to acclimatize yourself with the climate and the picturesque monastic life of the Indo-Tibetians. The trek will conclude at Leh in around 6-8 days after passing through few serene highlands of Yangthang, Hemis, Shukpachan, and Nurla. Thus it is one of the most desirable treks for beginners and family adventure. Enroute, also look forward to visiting charismatic Likir Monastery, primordial Sham Kingdom, and the Indus Valley.

Ddzongri Trek, Sikkim


Dzongri Trek consists of an alluring trail with a captivating route through Mount Padum and Mount Kanchendzonga. It starts from Yuksam and ends in Yuksam in five days. However, it is advised to keep it for six days considering an extra day for acclimatization. With this trek becomes an apt option for novices.  The trek passes through the beautiful forests of oak, bamboo, rose, birch, and maple and offers exquisite sights to eyes that behold it. Taking you to the maximum elevation of 4020 m, salient elements to this trek are the view of World third highest Mountain Mt. Kanchendzonga and few well-known peaks like Mt. Pandum, Mt. Kabur, Mt. Kumbhakarna, Mt. Kokthang and Mt. Goecha among others. The best time for Dzongri Trek is from mid-march to April, and then from September to mid-October.

Valley of Flowers Trek, Garhwal Himalayas


If you’re looking for something easier, to begin with, you can go for 7 days trekking to Valley of Flowers trek rested on the spellbinding Garhwal Himalaya. The trek starts from a small village known as Govindghat on Haridwar-Badrinath Road. Here, you can choose to stay at one of the few hotels or at Gurudwara before you start your trek. Govindghat is at 10 hr drive from Haridwar. So you gotta take rest before on setting the onwards tour. Trek starts from Govindghat to reaching Ghangaria and then trekking to the awaited destination of Valley of flowers and return to Ghangaria.

Valley of flowers is situated at 11000 ft above sea level and is covered with thousands of species of flowers making it one of the magical wonderlands on earth. The snow on the Himalayas adds majesty to the mountains and the innumerable flower patches of vivid colors only add to its beauty. Best time to do the Valley of Flowers Trek is from July to Mid-September. There are visible reasons to believe why this trek is considerably popular in beginners’ trekking community.

So just try your luck at these treks, get your trekking boots and take your first baby steps in your exploration of the mighty Himalayas! Do share your experience with Rakhduu!

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