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Unknown Secrets of Ramayana

Valmiki who once was a thief wrote down Ramayana, the best Hindu epic that conveys us how to become a good human being. The very first persons whom Valmiki narrated Ramayan were Luv and Kush, sons of Lord Ram. And since then Ramayana has been passed on to generations and generations to come. We all know about Ram’s exile for 14 years, Ravan’s abduction of Sita and finally Ram’s victory over Ravan with the help of an army made up of monkeys. But there’re many unknown secrets of Ramayana that are not known to everyone. So we’ve created a list of top

1. Ram had an Elder sister named Shanta

Before Ram and his brothers were born, Dashratha and his first wife Kaushalya had a daughter named Shanta. Kaushalya’s elder sister Vershini and her husband Raja Ropad had no child. Once Vershini joked around adopting Shanta, to which Dashratha promised her that she can adopt her daughter.

2. Laxman didn’t sleep for 14 years to protect Ram and Sita

Urmila, wife of Laxman wanted to accompany him during his exile but Laxman forced her to stay. Since Laxman wanted to shield Ram and Sita day and night, he requested Goddess of Sleep(Nidra) to ignore his sleep for the next 14 years. Nidra said that she can ignore but someone else has to sleep on his behalf to maintain the balance. Laxman asked her to approach her wife Urmila for this. Nidra then went to Ayodhya and asked her if she can take Laxman’s sleep, she happily accepted.

Urmila slept for all of 14 years after that.

3. Story of Kumbhkaran’s sleeping pattern

Indra was very envied with Kumbhkaran’s strength and valour and he knows that he will demand his Indrasan from Lord Brahma. Fearing this, he requested Goddess Saraswati to tie Kumbhkaran’s tongue compelling him to say ‘eternal nidrasan’ instead of ‘eternal indrasan’. Then on the request of Ravan, Lord Brahma changed the boon, that made Khumbhkaran sleep half a year and then wake up the rest of the year.

4. Kuber was the actual ruler of Lanka, Ravana overthrow Kuber to get Lanka!

Kuber, god of wealth was actually half-brother of Ravana. Lanka was originally created by Vishwakarma( known as the creator of the universe) for Lord Shiva. But Kuber and Ravan’s father Vishrava got Lanka from Shiva as Dakshina. Lanka was inherited by Kuber after the death of his father. But after getting all kinds of boons from Brahma and Shiv, Ravana considered himself to be the strongest person on Earth and demanded Lanka from him. Kuber refused and after that Ravan conquered Lanka by defeating Kuber.

5. Ramayana happened because of the Soorpnakha wanted to see his brother Ravan dead!

Soorpnakha was the sister of Ravana and wanted to take revenge on him. Soorpnakha was earlier married to Dushtabuddhi. He has very cordial relations with Ravan he started demanding more power, resulted in Ravan killing Dushtabuddhi. It’s said that Soorpnakha realized that Ram would be the only person on Earth that can kill Ravan and take her revenge. She then got her nose chopped off by Laxman and then enticed Ravan to abduct Sita.

6. How Laxman died?

After Sita returns back to Earth, Ram realized that his duties on Earth are over and wanted to move back to Vaikunth. He then invited Yam, but he put forth a condition that the conversation between him and Ram should not be revealed to anyone. And if someone intercepts, then Ram have to kill that person. Ram asked Laxman to guard the gates and not allow anyone to enter.

At the same time, Sage Durvasa came to meet Ram. Laxman stopped him and Durvasa warned Laxman that he will curse Ayodhya if not allowed to meet Ram. Laxman then intercepted the meeting, and to fulfil his brother’s promise gave up his life in Saryu river.

7. Bali killed Krishna in his next birth in Mahabharata

After Ram shot Bali from behind the tree, Bali claimed that he has been deceived as Ram didn’t challenge him for combat. Ram explains to him that if a person misbehaves with a woman, it’s the duty of a man to punish him for his sins. Ram then promised Bali that in his next birth, he can take revenge on him and will become the reason for Krishna’s death.

After that Bali was reborn as Jara, the hunter who later become the reason for Krishna’s death.

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