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This Dessert looks just like a drop of water and I can’t look away!

Introducing possibly the weirdest, coolest dessert you’ve ever laid eyes on: The “Raindrop Cake.” This Weirdest Dessert is created by New Yorker Darren Wong, it is made from mineral water and agar (a gelatin-like substance made from algae) which was inspired by a Japanese viral food sensation in 2014.


This so called “raindrop cake” can actually be sliced up like Jello. But you have to eat it fast as it would start melting into the puddle after a half an hour at room temperature.

Raindrop Cake

You would be wondering – What does it taste like ?? Well, the “cake” tastes mild, pretty much like water. But can be topped with brown sugar syrup for flavor or any things which you like too. Not to mention, it contains zero calories.


Moreover, it was not an easy task. Mr. Wong spent a lot of time on it to get an idea of what was likely to work and then experimented with a ton of different gelatins and agars.

“The hardest was trying to figure out how to store and transport something so fragile,” Wong said. “That entails packaging each individual cake separately in its own protective cocoon until it’s ready to be served.”

Raindrop cakes are now available at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn for $8. Though we Indians have to wait for it, who knows we can also try cooking one of those!

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