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What is more Diversified in India…Clothes or Food?

A land which is varied in geography, climate, language, culture, clothes, food and more. 29 states, each is different in terms of clothing and language, though a similarity is generally seen amongst neighboring states. For Instance, traditionally, Punjabi dress and kurtas influences clothing style of North Indian States, Ghagra choli and white dhoti kurta & turban dominates Western India; Saree is opted in Central as well as in Eastern India and Silk Saree and cotton dhoti is traditional to South Indian states. Thus we could compile the story of traditional clothing culture of India within the forts of above listed four types. However, when it comes to food, variation and variety in cuisines even amongst neighboring states is distinctly visible and the whole number of cuisine that is cooked in India simply outnumbers any other form of variety found in this wonder country.

India is a land blessed with rich assortment of spices. Indian cuisine consists of strong blend of flavours due to availability of bountiful options of seasoning, spices and herbs. Indian history goes back to testify the use of these spices and herbs in food preparation which had medicinal properties. In all, there are six different tastes here namely sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. A complicated combination of these tastes, vegetables, grains, fruits and/or other ingredients evolve to be what we call as Indian Cuisine. A bunch of eating enthusiast formed Homo Gastronomic Indians (HGI) who has come out with this interesting map of ‘must try’ dishes from spots and corners of India. Looking at it, Just can’t stop those mice tickling my belly! Feel like setting on to a food eating expedition throughout India. Take a Look!

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