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Wildlife Attractions in Gir Forest National Park

The story of Gir goes back to 1880 when World popular Asiatic Lion’s population went down to mere twelve individuals. Realizing the importance of saving this rare species, Nawab of Junagadh decided to protect Gir’s lions. He declared a ban in 1890 on hunting of Lion. Since then, the species recovered from the verge of extinction and the population of lion in Gir has dramatically increased to 250 individuals. A large portion of Sasan Gir has demarcated a Wildlife sanctuary on 18th September 1965 to ensure protection for this species. And now, their population is at a comfortable number of 523 individual (as per 2015 census), thanks to the active efforts of Forest Department of India and local natives.

1. Safari Park

This is how Safari Park looks in gir forest national park famous for its wildlife attractions.

The Safari park at Gir offers a splendid opportunity for visitors to experience a rustic beauty and a good variety of wildlife in just a half an hour tour.

2. Rare Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lions of Gir forest national park in a playful mood.

The reign of the king of Jungle is over 1412 sq km of which 258 Km forms the core area of the National Park. Gir Forest National Park gives you an unparalleled opportunity to watch those rare Asiatic Lions coupled with thousands of other elusive wild animals and hard-to-find birds making it a perfect destination to wander in the wilderness of this jungle.

3. Leopards

Leopards can also be found in the Gir forest national park.

A large portion of Sasan Gir has demarcated a Wildlife sanctuary on 18th September 1965 to ensure protection for lions and other wild animals and rare birds.

4. Chowsingha, Four Horned Antelope

 Chowsingha, Four Horned Antelope and Samba are also found in Gir forest national park.

The sanctuary has few unique species such as the largest Indian deer, Sambar. Also, World’s only four horned antelope, Chowsingha have their home in the groves of this sanctuary.

5. Indian Jackal

Indian Jackal is also there in Gir forest national park.

Expect to put your eye on other smaller carnivores from the jungle family like the Jackal, Striped Hyena, and India Fox.

6. Endangered Vultures Safe

Endangered Vultures Safe in gir forest national park.

You can catch a glimpse of an exotic variety of around 200 species of birds here. You can also get a chance to see few rare ones like critically endangered white-backed and long-billed vultures.

7. Marsh Crocodile at Kamleshwar

Marsh Crocodile at Kamleshwar in Gir forest national park.

Your visit to Gir stays unfulfilled without getting in the hollowness of the land here as you reach Kamleshwar. There is a large reservoir, and home to a large population of Marsh Crocodile. Other reptiles seen moving in the sanctuary are snakes like King Cobra, Russell’s viper, Saw-scaled viper and the Krait.

8. How to reach Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

How to reach Gir forest national park.

The sanctuary remains closed for visitors and no one is permitted in the sanctuary between 16th June and 15th October every year.

It can be reached via Junagadh, Rajkot, and Diu. You can take a bus, rent a taxi or drive your own vehicle from any part of Gujarat to reach Lion’s den-Sasan Gir!

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