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World’s strangest places to get Married

People nowadays don’t want their big day to be cookie-cutter. First, the crazy new thing was destination weddings. And now, just in the past five years, we’re noticing many more couples seeking unusual settings, from treetops to airplane hangars. For many couples, I think, it’s the weirder the better.

In the mid air


Forget the church: Marriage in the Sky is more weirder and better. This marriage mobile can anchor at the different location like the Grand Canyon, a Venetian canal, or above the Sahara Desert as long as your preferred landscape sits in one of 45 countries where the company has an operating license. Afterward, many couples decide, quite literally, to take the plunge with a bungee jump off the platform.

In Space


Believe it or not, two bookings have already been made for truly out-of-this-world weddings. Virgin Galactic is already taking reservations for the first ever tourist space flights and apparently two of those have been from loved up couples keen to celebrate their nuptials among the stars.

In the Sea


Ah, sometimes marriage can be sink or swim, for some its sink, swim, and scuba. But forget just getting married while you scuba dive, how about staying in underwater. You can make it all happen at the Jules Undersea Lodge where you can make your underwater adventure come true. For a mere 1750.00 plus tax, you can have this lodge all to yourself and even stay there for the honeymoon. Guests, scuba dive to the underwater lodge and have plenty of room to relax with two bedrooms, dining area, kitchen and living area. The lodge is located in Key Largo Florida and is 21 feet underwater.

In ice made Chapel


The allure of marrying in a sparkling crystalline palace is clear.This snow-covered landscape gives new meaning to the phrase ‘white wedding’ and is one of the most tranquil and naturally beautiful spots imaginable for a ceremony.

In the Haunted Castle


The medieval ruins of Tutbury Castle in Burton-on-Trent is thought to be one of the most haunted castles in the UK and is a regular haunt for ghost-hunters, hosting regular ghost walks and spooky events. If you’re brave enough you can get married there in the dead of night too with special midnight ceremonies in the castle grounds, as if getting hitched wasn’t scary enough anyway.

In Dracula’s Castle


Horror fans can tie the knot in the ultimate creepy haunt, the imposing Bran Castle, better known as Dracula Castle.

In Treehouse


For a fairy-tale ceremony, getting married in a tree house is the stuff of dreams.

From saying “I do” an icy igloo-style chapel complete with reindeer skin seating or walking down the aisle several hundred feet underwater the choices for your wedding day are limitless when you give your imagination some room to breathe.

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